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Electrical problems in Mariner's Cove homes Electrical problems in Mariner's Cove homes

   Discussion: Electrical problems in Mariner's Cove homes
Jo Ann Kocher · 12 years, 1 month ago

A resident has reported having several electrical problems in her home which have resulted in overheating of electrical outlets. She would like to warn other residents of this problem since the wiring in most of our homes is 40 years old and aluminum, which overheats quickly.  If anyone else has had these problems, or has corrected them, please feel free to use this forum to share your experience with other Cove residents. 

Ken (anon) · 11 years, 1 month ago
Just saw this post and thought I would share our solution to this hazard. We purchased a Cove home 12 years ago and experienced a few small fires inside of bedroom electrical outlets the first few months we lived there. Very scary. I ended up going into every outlet box and running copper pigtails from the outlet terminals and tying these back into the aluminum wiring with wire nuts. The copper wire is more stable and not constantly expanding/contracting which loosens them on the terminals potentially causing a short, smoke and fire. Easy and inexspensive fix until you rewire your entire home with copper wire which we did a few years later.

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